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 iP60z Antenna Analyzer 



      The new iP60z iPortable™ Antenna       SWR Analyzer is designed for field use.       This compact  battery powered unit has       an easy to read  backlighted frequency       display and measures  SWR and       impedance in the HF Band and VHF       6 Meter band. The SWR readings quickly       show  you the actual VSWR       measurement and Magnitude of the                                                          impedance (Z). This is the easiest way to                                                          adjust your portable or base station                                                          antenna to be best matched for your                                                          radio. 






  • Frequency Coverage 400kHz - 60Mhz (continuous)  
  • Band Switch: Quickly change Bands 160M,80M,60M,40M,30M,
  • 20M 17M,15M,12M,10M, and VHF 6 Meter Band.
  • Source Impedance: 50-Ohms  
  • RF Output Level : 1.7Vpp (typical)  
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Technology  
  • 10-Bit A/D converter  
  • SWR Range : 1.0~9.9  
  • Impedance Range: 10~650 Ohm  
  • Auto RF Output Level Control
  • Back Light Display
  • Weight: 5oz  
  • Compact size: 3.5”(H) x 2.5”(W) x 1.25”(D) (w/o knob, connector)  
  • Battery : 9V Alkaline Battery (Battery NOT included)  
  • External Power : DC 6-14V  
  • Power Consumption : < 140mA  
  • Sleep mode draw :3mA Unit goes to sleep after 30 sec can be adjusted to 5 min. Battery mode only.  

                NOTE: Unit will NOT go into sleep mode using external power.


PDF Manual


MADE in the U.S.A





· External Power Connector: 2.1mm center positive  

· Antenna Connector: BNC    



· Tuning Knob : Changes Frequency  

· Band Switch: Quickly changes Bands  

· Step Size Switch: 10Hz, 100 Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz and 100kHz    

  Sleep time adjust  

· Power Switch:  “unit ON”   



   Powder coated and baked dry for a tough, hardened, and durable finish!     



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